Gorgeous Locations. Private Sites. Bring your own. Day Experiences. Small Festival Feel.. Night-time Entertainment

Secret Camping Weekend is a new breed of laid back weekend getaway. We take over private campsites across the UK and provide organised experiences and workshops during the day, with fun themed entertainment at night (even the odd party)!

  • Devon
  • Essex
  • Kent
  • Norfolk
  • Somerset
We're redefining the camping experience
Next event 24th - 27th August, Dorset

  • “We had such an awesome weekend. We drove up on Saturday morning and were apprehensive about what to expect. Boy were we wrong it was such a great weekend! Well done guys for making your idea come to life. Hurry up and plan the next one!”

    Sophie Laureen Harding, London

    Sophie Laureen Harding
  • “You guys have officially converted me to camping! Was the very first time the kid had camped and I think she partied harder than we did?!”

    Jennilynn Barnard, Catherington

    Jennilynn Barnard
  • “Thanks for a great weekend. Lovely small festival feel esp great as was my first time camping and I’ve not been put off!!”

    Sharon Minxy J, Spetisbury

  • “Had the most amazing day/eve at secret camping everyone was so friendly and welcoming place looked stunning esp the dining area! Beautiful weather and people.
    Great time!!”

    Sarah Barrett, Southampton

    Richard H

Secret Camping Weekend