The great outdoors can be a beautiful experience but let’s face it, we all like our creature comforts that sometimes put us off sleeping rough or in a tent for longer than absolutely necessary. But what if your tent was a bell tent that had plenty of space and furniture to make it nice and comfy?! And what if that bell tent was already erected for you when you arrived at the site so you didn’t have to do any of this ‘manual labour malarkey’. Well for the people who this resonates with, we’ve got the solution for you. We’re hiring out a range of different sized bell tents so the glamping campers among us can stay comfortable throughout the weekend.

The most popular option seems to be the 5m bell tent for groups which is only £350 for 3x nights but we also have smaller and larger options to cater for groups from two to ten people.

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  1. Hi, we have our own bell tent, if we come with some friends for the weekend, can we all buy general admission tickets and sleep in our own bell tent please?

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